My interest in film was sparked watching music videos as a teenager, I still remember some of the imagery. I entered college as a science major aiming to be a zoologist, worked for national geographic, then in true gemini fashion, I finally moved into film.

I have a B.A in Film Studies from the University of the Pacific in Stockton and a B.A in Motion Pictures and Television from The Academy of Art University.

You can find still work of mine at metalmarge.

I’ve worked in many media, my preference is 8mm or 16mm, black and white or monochrome. I manipulate the film, not just in the camera - soaking it in juice, cleaning products, or color as I deem prudent. To me film is an art medium unto itself, not just a method to tell a story. The film itself should help to tell the story, not just the images created. My work style is quick and cheap, ideally under a severe time constraint. I go with my gut, which is unsettling to some people, and it’s produced the most beautiful mistakes. Questioning the ugly, beauty in violence, and minimalism are themes in my work. Today, my main drive is music videos of the metal genre. In the future, I would love to dabble in horror and psychological thriller.


The image gives you a link to my videos on YouTube.

In the first video, called Amber Asylum you will find an Ophelia inspired character running away from herself and marriage. In the black and white scenes she is in her own head, reality is in color. The viewer can decide why she drowned herself.

The second video has no storyline, just playing around with the film. I think I dunked it in grape juice just to see what would happen.

The third video is a demo reel. This was a documentary a woman had me shoot about the demons in her family. I went with 16mm black and white on the interpretive scenes, 35mm color for the more literal parts.

Is your metal band interested in expressing your music in a video?

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